It's time to play and we're bringing out the toys! This is a commerce hackathon so think payments, loyalty, analytics, vouchers, ticketing, identity, marketing, you name it and it's possible with the sweet APIs we have hand picked. The Yoyo API delivers everything you need for a smart mobile wallet in a single API & SDK. Twilio is all about communication, Pusher is the realtime API and Estimote is the mother of all beacons. The perfect blend to unlock your awesome ideas. Get ready to hack!


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$3,760 in prizes

Sphero BB8 (4)

First place

Quadcopter drone (4)

Second place

Raspberry Pi (4)

Third place

Devpost Achievements

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This hackathon is open to all! 



How do you see the future of commerce shaping? 



James Allgrove

James Allgrove
Head of Growth,UK at Stripe

Shawn Zvinis

Shawn Zvinis
VP product at Yoyo Wallet

Erol Ziya

Erol Ziya
Vice President, Architecture at Yoyo Wallet

Jack Franklin

Jack Franklin
Developer relations at Pusher

Judging Criteria

  • Relevance
    How relevant is your hack to the theme?
  • Execution
    How complete is you hack?
  • Technical difficulty
    Did you pick the right size challenge? Too big or too small?
  • Novelty
    Just another me too? How are you differentiating yourself?
  • Impact
    How will this change the lives of the people using it? How big is the impact? (mention this in your presentation)
  • Presentation
    It's very important you do a good job presenting your hack in three minutes. Assign this task to someone who can rehears and refine over and over again. What have you done. Why have you done it. How have you done it.

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